Monday, March 28, 2011

Shall We?

For months now I have been repeatedly encouraged to create a blogging website....and I've now conformed. I'm sure many of my persuaders will be pleased with themselves ha ha but you'll have to bare with me because I'm not exactly sure how this blog works (yes I currently live under a rock) but I'm venturing out so no worries. I'm actually pretty excited about this because now I'll have a place to vent every random thing that comes to mind and those are usually very entertaining or very odd either way I'm amused and its the simply pleasures in life my friends that everyone should take comfort in :)
Due to recent events in my life I have been meaning to find an outlet and I thought what better way to escape the chains of everyday life then to express everything that is me to the beautiful masses. I've thought long and hard about what I what my blog to be recognized as. Fashion? Not entirely because let's face it there are a great many creative minds that I could hardly hold a candle to, God love'em. Then I thought how about literature? Getting warmer...being an English major this would make sense but then I have so many things I want to share I have come to a solution. This shall be a cluster blog. Yes, whatever suits my fancy that day or moment I will share with whomever has a common love for fashion, decorating, antiques, literature, art and random ramblings that just feel good to put out there!
Here's to us and whatever life has in store, cheers!