Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New Year, A New You

Yes I am fully aware that I am quite behind on the "New Years Resolutions" posts and that my presence has been so far gone from my little bog that it might as well not exist. 
Sadly this is all too true...however I will not give up on my little piece of "me" that I would enjoy sharing with everyone. So for those of you that do read my blog or happen upon it or have been very disappointed with me and my absence, allow me to truly and deeply apologize. 
Or if it is just me enjoying my little rants and insights (which is entirely okay) then I apologize to myself as well.

First of all I would like to recap a little about the crazed mess that 2012 turned out to be:
I had good reason as to why my little blog was so neglected and the entirety of that was that I was not truly myself. You can not enjoy what makes you happy unless you are truly happy with yourself. My number rule is TAKE CARE OF YOU. You may find this selfish or an obvious fix but I had to learn the hard way that before anything can be accomplished or even allow yourself to progress you have to find happiness and peace in yourself in order to accommodate your needs and wants. 
Secondly I was given the opportunity to start with a clean slate after last year that I am going to take full advantage of and make the best out of every moment of 2013. Life is too short to stress about people and situation that, in the long run aren't going to effect you and the way you live your life. You know who your friends are when it comes right down to the eruptions that we sometimes find ourselves in. I am so blessed to have such caring and understanding people in my life and I wouldn't trade them for the world. :)

So on that note here are a few things that I have decided to dedicate myself to for the remaining new year and further:
1. Take Care of You.
(I already mentioned this but its so important that it needs to be restated)
2. Keep Your Expectations Low.
(I plain to do this in all things, that way there is no room for unnecessary disappointments and when things really go your way you will appreciate your hard work and blessings more)
3. Throw Out Negativity.
(Pictures, people, places, things, etc! If they bring you down delete it from your life. You don't need it, its not going to get better, and if you're putting too much time and energy into it and getting no return then why in the world would you want that in your life)
4. Getting Back to Family.
(I am dedicating myself to stay in touch with family more. They are the people who've known me my entire life and are the strongest way in which I can "take care of me". Yes there are those crazies in every family but if you didn't have them then you really wont appreciate the awesome way you turned out! Haha j k...)
5. Getting and Staying Healthy.
(This is not "I'm going to lose 50lbs this year!" "I'm going to lose weight and keep it off!" generic resolutions that normally gets lost in the cosmos of the year. No, this is a dedication I'm making to myself to take care of my body, appreciate it, and treat it the way it deserves...and if I lose weight in the process then bully!!) 

Of course there are more, even pages more, but I won't bore you to death.
Lastly I want to add that of course I want to rededicate myself to this blog. It makes me happy and feel better to see my thoughts, rants, favs, and randomness in front of me. I'm not sure why...so to make a realistic dedication I will have postings once a week and if I discover something that absolutely needs to be shared then of course you will be the first to know! 
Here's to a new year and the many adventures that come this way, cheers!