Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little something special...

So I've decided that every other post will be dedicated to someone who has shaped me to be who I am today. I know for a fact if it wasn't for these darling individuals I don't know where I'd be...

This weeks blog will be dedicated to my cousin Danielle (otherwise known as "E'ell" or "Dan'ell").
To those of you that are blessed enough to call themselves an older sister we all know that through our own mistakes, stupid decisions, and big choices we wish we could have had someone to ask for advice or turn to.
I was blessed enough to have my cousin Danielle play the older sibling for me in my own, lets just say, not so elegant moments.

She was one of three great people to ignite my love for literature (hence English major) , BBC movies and more currently crafts!
Also on a more personal note I know I can count on her to relate to any random spurt of my own logic/philosophy whether its deemed appropriate or not...&& Danielle I'm sure you know what I mean haha!

Love&miss ya E'ell
<3 Chlobear

p.s.I felt that the picture was appropriate ;)