Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spring Fever

I was pleasantly surprised by my gentleman friend this afternoon with a lazy day at the park. We brought a blanket, our books (we're currently on a Tolkien fix), and Bon Hiver for a little background music. 
It was glorious! 

We spent a good long while at the park and I found myself drifting off with thoughts of Spring and that exciting time that comes this time of year....adding and subtracting from my closets ;) 
I wanted to share just a few things I have in mind for the soon to be warmer days

+ gorgeous
Maxi skirts and relaxed tops...I'm also dying to find these sunglasses

i love this  blue hair
  Peonies and Hydrangea..my two favorite flowers
Floral Prints and Pastels

Girly cute WANT!
Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked Ballerina Flats. 
 Spikes, Studs, and Grunge....oh yes! 

florence and the machine Lana del Rey
Grace Potter ZZ Ward. Love her hair color!
--Florence, Lana, Grace, and ZZ--
my divas of inspiration

Needless to say I'm stoked!! 
I can't wait for the sunbathing and the Spring days that lay ahead, and more lazy days in the park with my special fella.
May the weather be sunny and your pocket books be hefty for all the Spring shopping we have in store ;)

À bientôt!

(all of the lovely photos were taken from my Pinterest account, be sure to check it out!)