Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nooks and Corners

Okay so a few of my close friends had asked me to show off some of my decorum I had going on in my new apartment. I thought about it and was like what the heck why not??
It's still a work in progress though..I was going to wait for the finished product before I posted but I was too excited and I'd love to take you on the journey with me....maybe even throw in some ideas to help me out! 

I love the way mirrors open up space in a room and the ones I have found over the years evidently mesh perfectly for a small collage! The "Bonne Nuit" glitz just gave it a more cozy touch I thought..

These fair ladies are some of my favorites that have been moved to their own space on the wall (their other home was getting pretty crowded). You'll soon see that I'm obsessed with two things...jewels and books.
{just to share with you I acquired most of these pretties from Versona and Savoir-Faire...a boutique in which I work and spend a lot of my time thinking how everything there should be apart of my closet}

Oh trunk can never go wrong! They create such a creative corner and  collecting them over these past three years has been a blast! Problem is I can't stop...what in the world do I use them for you ask?  These are currently touting around my grand DVD collection! 
{you can also store blankets, magazines and anything else that needs a home that can be both cute and creative}

If you haven't noticed I love clutter..controlled clutter is what I like to refer it as. I have worked in retail for quite awhile now and over the years my jewelry collection has become a little ridiculous..I love pretty things, so sue me! 
I used to stress about how my jewels weren't getting the attention they deserved by being stuffed away in a jewelry box for no one to see so I knew the only way to solve this problem was to go antiquing! I found that old ash trays have the greatest complement with jewels given their unique shapes and colors plus their priced from $5 to $12 bucks..can't beat that! 
{Again my two obsessions are books and jewels..any chance I can mix the two together I take full advantage of it} ;) 

My treasure box....
{rings stored in a unique box/bowl never fail to make a gal smile}

On the other side of loyalty and devotion to Paris will always ring through my decorating regardless of anything I try to do's in my heart and I'm in love, why fight it? 
{Ode to Hobby Lobby..}

Last but not least..every room needs a furry face to make it special. I belong to this little lady and she is my treat when I come home in the afternoon after a long day at class/work. I love my Toph :)

I hope you liked my favorite corners of my room...I'm hoping to have more completed at the new place because empty space is just not my thing! Currently waiting on my bookcase from Target..once I get that set up I may have more to share!
Until next time loveys

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sadly I have been neglectful, yet again, of my dear little blog..
please accept my dearest apologies. 

I have a few goodies lined up that I'm excited to share with all of you!
Not going to spoil the surprise but I'll just say that some decorum, new reads, and a new friend will soon be introduced by yours truly! 
In the mean time I wanted to share with you some things that are non-stop running around in my head...and this picture is the nut shell that I needed to sum it all up.. 
See you soon!!