Friday, September 12, 2014

Well Hellooo Fall!

I was hoping you'd show up soon...

Okay so this weather...cloudy skies, cool breezes, and all components pointing towards the requirement of a cozy sweater?! I'm in love!

Fall is quite frankly my FAVORITE time of year. 
Everything from craft fairs to Halloween/way too early Christmas displays in Walmart. From hot coco to spiced pumpkin ale and the list is just sooo long and pleasant.

This year I am exceptionally excited because I now have my own place to do what I wish when it comes to the holidays!
I current have my Halloween decorations creeping out from the storage boxes and into the apartment, a gorgeous orange and auburn mum sitting outside my window and a lovely spice candle glowing in the kitchen...*sigh just perfect.

I also, recently, just dabbled in the art of wreath making (never in my life thought I'd achieve such a crafty hobby) and I'm obsessed O_o 
Pinterest has been the guide to blame for the next following months and thank God my boyfriend just let's my crazed obsession wreak havoc without a word....he's a trooper! ;)

Living here in Hog Country, the Razorback season is a holiday in of itself so I had to show my pride! My goal was to have it done before the first game and sure enough it was ready for kick off, GO HOGS!

Hobby Lobby has been my hunting ground lately and I've found some awesome Halloween decor this year. I really love the old vintage holiday decorations and Hob Lob didn't disappoint me! I'll have to post my Halloween haul soon but I'm still collecting little bits at a time so when it's done I'll definitely share! 

Until then I'm going to make a cup of tea, snuggle up in a thermal blanket and watch a scary movie. 
Any suggestion, I'm always down for a new horror flick so please share! 

A bientot!

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